JapanCrossCultural offers training and personal coaching for European and Japanese business people.

Our training sessions and workshops are designed to meet participants’ concrete needs.  We are constantly creating and updating content.  JCCFlyerJBild.schnitt2klParticipants’ specific issues are addressed along with selected example scenarios from the business world.  Our training sessions range from half- and full-day introductory seminars to our standard two-day seminar.  Longer intensive training programs can also be created.  They can be offered in German, English or Japanese.

Our training sessions are normally conducted by two trainers, one Japanese and one German.  We can thus offer two viewpoints in discussing cultural differences so that questions and issues can be analyzed from both Japanese and German perspectives.

We offer training and coaching for:

  • Senior managers and specialists who have Japanese business partners or who are about to establish such contacts

We introduce you to Japanese business culture, work out strategies for establishing successful business relations with the Japanese, and discuss with you how you can optimize your communication style.

  •  Employees who work for a subsidiary of a Japanese company

One of our focal points is training senior managers, teams and employees in European subsidiaries of Japanese companies who have daily contact with characteristic Japanese communication styles.

  • Top managers and their families who are preparing for a stay in Japan

We help you prepare for your stay with practical tips and language support individually or in small groups.

  • Senior Japanese managers and specialists who have been sent from Japan to European subsidiaries, or who have regular contact with European businesses

Training for Japanese clients can be carried out in Japanese.

We also offer training in Japan.  Please contact us for more information.